Booking – Terms and Conditions


These terms for the hire goods, equipment and services (The Agreement to Hire’) is an agreement by you the Hirer to hire from the Owner the goods, equipment and services agreed for the Hire fee for those goods, equipment and services, by that agreement made by telephone, email, SMS, Website, Facebook or any other method of communication.

If an agreement to hire is made, it will, with the Owner’s Terms and Conditions, constitute the contract between the Owner and you the Hirer for the hire of the Good, Equipment and Services ordered.



‘The Owner’ means the Business My Sleepover ABN 41 814 435 639.

‘The Hirer’ means the person who books the Goods, Equipment and Services form the Owner. This person must be over 18 years old and have authority to book the Goods, Equipment and Services from the Owner.

‘The Goods, Equipment and Services’ means all the Goods, Equipment and Services agreed to and separately each item of the Goods and Equipment designated to the Hirer for the period stated in the Booking Agreement. This includes all additional Goods, Equipment and Services offered by the Owner.

‘The Agreement’ means the contract between the Owner and the Hirer.

‘Site’ means the Hirers home


The Agreement is entered by the Owner and the Hirer upon the Hirer’s Acceptance of the Agreement and Terms and Conditions. All Goods, Equipment and Services listed at the time of Booking is the Owners reasonability to be made available for dates specified by the Hirer in Booking Agreement. The Agreement is not accepted by the Owner until the Hirer signs the Agreement and pays the deposit via bank transfer.


The Deposit/Bond amount will be fifty Dollars ($50.00) which must be paid via Pay Pal or Bank Transfer into the Owner’s ANZ Bank Account, I/N/O: My Sleepover BSB: 014.304 A/c: 464211324.

All payments must be finalised by day of pickup/delivery of the Goods, Equipment and Services. This can be done via Pay Pal or Bank Transfer or Cash.

A receipt/s of all payment/s made will be given to the Hirer from the Owner.


The Hirer has the right to Cancel this contract if the Hirer sends a Cancellation Notification via telephone, email or SMS. The Owner will then send the Hirer conformation of cancelation.

The cancellation fee is your deposit/bond which is the value of fifty Dollars ($50.00)


The Owner Will have available the agreed Goods and Equipment for the Hirer to Pick Up as agreed by Owner and Hirer.

The Owner will Deliver/Install and Dismantle/Collect the Goods and Equipment, if the Hirer has chosen this as an option and made payment for such service.


The Owner and Hirer will agree on Day, Date and Time for Pick Up/Delivery as well as Drop Off/Collection. The time between Pick Up/Delivery and Drop Off/Collection will not exceed 24hrs unless otherwise agreed upon.


The Hirer must be on time to Pick Up/Drop Off at My Sleepover Headquarters.

The Hirer is Liable for any damages to Goods and Equipment from Pick Up to Drop Off at My Sleepover Headquarters.

The Hirer is to ensure that the Goods and Equipment are only installed at the site as agreed by the Owner for the agreed period of Hire.


If the Hirer has chosen to have their package Delivered/Installed and Dismantled/Collected by My Sleepover, the Hirer is to provide space for the Owner to Deliver/Install.

The Hirer is to allow the Owner a 1 hour for Install and 1 hour for Dismantle.

The Hirer is liable for all Goods and Equipment once the Owner has Installed.


All Goods and Equipment supplied by the Owner are good working order and/or are hygienically clean.

The Hirer is liable for all Damaged/Broken Goods and Equipment while the Goods and Equipment are in Hirer’s possession.

The cost for Damaged/Broken Goods and Equipment will be replacement cost for item.

A Cleaning fee of fifteen Dollars ($15.00) will be charged to the Hirer if Goods and Equipment are retuned stained.


This is a hiring agreement only. The Hirer acknowledges that the Owner is the sole exclusive owner of the Goods and Equipment.


The Hirer is Liable for all insurance/s of Property and Person during the Hirer period.

The Owner will not be liable for any claim of personal injury, death loss and/or damage to the site and/or person/s.